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supernatural au where everything is the same except every time dean says ‘buddy’ to cas he says ‘baby’ instead





lets also not forget the first time he called him baby


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"One beer, he's hammered."
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“I love you.”

“I know.”

Jesus fuck those are exactly the words unsaid in this scene.


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But there’s also this selfish part of me that wants you to be happy with me

And it’s no accident that Crowley, master manipulator, King of Hell, insinuates himself into the company of each; Cas in s6 and Dean in S9.

Not only are they both tempted by a demon in a male vessel (unlike Sam, who is tempted by a demon in a female vessel - Ruby), but it is the same demon and in each case Crowley uses a language of seduction.  

To Cas in 6x20 “The Man Who Would Be King”; “You’ve got what they call sex appeal”.

To Dean in 9x17; “…which kinda makes me your mistress”… “Romeo”… “it’s a date…”

Trying to keep the other safe, Cas and Dean fail to go to each other for help when they sorely need it. And into that space of heartache steps a very knowing devil.

The narrative symmetry tells us what the overt verbal text will not.

Crowley knows; the devil is in the detail.   

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Season 9 - Sammy Brainy Moments: Everybody Hates Hitler (1/?)


Dean: Is it a combination?

Sam memorized the filing system from the Library of Congress, knowing right away it was “Science”. This makes me imagine all those days he spent in the library doing research for a hunt, wandering up and down the stacks, falling asleep in the mythology section. 

I love Dean’s little smirk at the end. He’s like “See look how smart my little brother is. That’s my Sammy for you.” 

I’ll bet Sam can do Dewey Decimal as well. And I bet the MoL have their own arcane cataloguing system, and mastering it has been one of Sam’s favorite things in the last year. And, you know, even in the magic climate control of the bunker, some of the collection is not in the best shape. Sam is going to start reading up on preservation and conservation. He’s going to get into rare books, because that is one amazing collection they’ve got, and if he doesn’t look after it, who will? He’s going to sign up for the occasional session of Rare Book School, a few days in summer when he’s not hunting or dealing with the end of the universe, just getting into codicology. And you think with the kind of books and manuscripts Sam’s dealing with it’s just the texts that are significant? No, I bet there are arcane and magical things with typefaces and bindings and watermarks and scripts, and Sam is going to be figuring out whole new layers of meaning. He’s going to find a few, scattered scholars from the organization Aaron’s grandfather was in, and from other organizations in other traditions, and he’s going to visit some other libraries. And he’s going to do it in a sweater vest, because it feels right on him, it doesn’t feel like one of their disguises, it feels like who’s he’s becoming. And maybe peering at glosses will eventually put a strain on his eyes, and he’ll need glasses. 

I may have thought about this.

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A very accurate summary of supernatural

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Thigh holster. That’s it. Nothing to add. 

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Dean, what did she say?

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on the verge of death and still 500% hotter than u

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supernatural + what the actual fuck is going on here


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Just a small reminder that this man has rhythm 

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